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        1. Blue Light Scanning measurement system


          The blue light scanning measurement system acquires point-cloud by means of grating protection according to non-contact optical measurement principle, and realizes large-range flexible measurement and high-density point-cloud measurement relying on the moving mechanisms such as robot, guide rail and rotary table, so as to restore the rich surface details of objects authentically. The software system can complete the fully-automatic process including trajectory programming, point cloud acquisition, point cloud processing, and the generation of final report. Benefiting from its high efficiency, high precision, large data volume, low cost and low environmental requirement, the blue light scanning measurement system is gradually replacing the CMM system to become the mainstream tool for the dimensional measurement of components and even complete vehicle. Application scope of this system covers measurement of vehicle and components, offline measurement of subassemblies in welding workshop, and measurement of dies in stamping workshop.

          • 藍光掃描傳感器

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